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“Stephen’s experience helped us wade through the myriad of makes and designs available and narrow the list to meet our goals for safety, comfort, performance and value. He guided us through the process of identifying, negotiating, surveying and closing on what we are confident is the right yacht for us and we are thrilled with the results. Through it all, Stephen was highly responsive and professional.”

Mark & Sara

“All along Michel displayed phenomenal understanding of the market, conducted himself as a super professional, displaying knowledge combined with integrity, while protecting our interest as his customers was always paramount. The last six months were exciting, turbulent and rewarding. Our comfort level at all times while working with Mr. Benarrosh was tantamount. I shall always recommend him as a fine professional broker.”

Sam & Eileen

“The experience you created for Jennifer and I, and all of our numerous short-term guests was just outstanding. From our arrival to the onboarding to the support during the trip, including multiple rides to the harbor to the check out, there wasn’t a single person on my boat that interacted with one of you that didn’t come away from the experienced impressed by your professionalism, and your dedication to service.” 

Patrick & Jennifer